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Quality and Experience Are Worth the Extra Cost

Equipment Appraisal: Updating A Prior Report

Equipment Appraisal: Intended Use of the Report

Equipment Appraisal: Clients and Intended Users

The Benefits of Valuation Consulting

The Definition of Value is Critical with Equipment Appraisals

Let Your Machinery Really Work For You

Orderly Liquidation Value vs. Net Orderly Liquidation Value

Education and Accountability Creates Independence

As Long as There Are Disputes, 3rd Party Appraisers Will be in Demand

Equipment Appraisals: Working with Subcontractors

Equipment Appraisal: Why Experience is Important

Donating Older Equipment vs. Trying to Sell

The Majority of Equipment Appraisals are Desktops

Options When Selling Your Used Business Machinery and Equipment

Equipment Appraisals: Weighing Experience with Research & Analysis

How Poor Maintenance History Affects the Value of Equipment

Appraisers as Expert Witnesses-Remote Testimony is the New Normal

Benefits of an Appraisal Far Outweigh the Cost

Credentialed and Experienced Appraisers

Elements of Equipment Appraisals: Estimating Liquidation Values

Elements of Equipment Appraisals: Asset Depreciation Schedules

Elements of Equipment Appraisals: Should the Income Approach Apply?

Elements of Equipment Appraisals: Historical Data

Elements of Equipment Appraisals: Salvage Value vs. Scrap

Elements of Equipment Appraisals: Approaches to Value

Elements of Equipment Appraisals: Premise of Value Assumed

Elements of Equipment Appraisals: Replacement Cost New

Elements of Equipment Appraisals: Normal Useful Life

Equipment Lease vs. Buy Option

Appraisal Challenges During a Divorce Situation

Equipment Donations are a Great Way to Reduce Tax Liability

Equipment Appraisers Can Value a Lot More Than You Might Think

Older Equipment Values Will Generally Hold Up Over Time

Professional Appraisers vs. Industry Focused Experts

Objectivity and Subjectivity Need to Coexist in Appraisal Work

Performing Maintenance and Keeping Updated Records for Your Equipment

The Income Approach & Equipment Appraisals. Are They Ever Compatible?

Equipment Appraisal: Understanding a Broader Transactional Perspective

Ring in the New Year Well Prepared For The Challenges Ahead

Equipment Appraisers Collaborating With Collateral Inspection Firms

No Time to Inventory your Equipment? Schedule a Site Visit Valuation

Equipment Leasing: Its Growing Popularity and What You Should Know

Used Truck and Heavy Equipment Pricing Remains Elevated

I Know What My Equipment is Worth. Why Do I Need an Appraisal?

How Long Should You Continue Operating Your Older Equipment?

Property Tax Assessments on Vehicles & Equipment; Are They Reasonable?

Fair Market Value (FMV) vs. Actual Cash Value (ACV)

Leasehold Improvements vs. Building Improvements. Are they different?

What does the term FF&E refer to in Valuation and Accounting Circles?

Should You Get an Appraisal? A Variable Business Cost That's Worth it

Used Equipment Listings vs. Public Sales Databases

Equipment Dealers vs. Auctioneers: How Appraisers Utilize Resale Data

Equipment Appraisers vs. Used Equipment Resellers Explained

Is Your Equipment the Most Valuable Part of Your Business?

Is Equipment Really “Worth Only What Someone Will Pay For It?”

How Banks and Lending Institutions Consider Current Market Values

How Investors and Financial Institutions View Collateral

Equipment Appraisals are More Like Puzzles than Math Problems

Intended Users and Specific Purposes For Valuation Assignments

Appraising Machinery & Equipment in Emerging and Expanding Markets

Do We Really “Get What We Pay For”?

The Semiconductor Chip Supply Crisis and Our Reliance on Technology

Small Business Startup? Obtain Working Capital With Your Equipment

Used Equipment Values: Making Sense of the Data

Working With Your Business During a Site Visit Asset Inspection

What to Expect When Faced With Liquidating the Assets of a Business

Is it Time to Consider Refinancing Your Capital Machinery & Equipment

Supply Chain Bottleneck Effects on Valuing Import/Export Businesses

Recent Uptick in Divorce Cases - How Appraisers Assist in the Process

Retrospective Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

How Supply Shortages and Order Backlogs Can Effect Equipment Value

Components of a Reliable, Supportable Machinery & Equipment Appraisal

Desktop vs. On-site Equipment Appraisals-Determining the Best Option

When You Need a Business Appraisal, Don’t Forget About Equipment Value

What is USPAP and Why is it Important in Appraisal Reports?

Uncertainty in the Oil & Gas Drilling Markets Affects Equipment Values

Select a Seasoned, Accredited Equipment Appraiser to Value Your Assets

Machinery & Equipment Appraisals - The Market is Everything

Variables to Consider When Completing an Aircraft Appraisal

Equipment Appraisals: Fair Market Value-Installed vs Fair Market Value

How do Banks and Leasing Companies Measure Equipment Value?

Effective Age vs. Chronological Age with Machinery & Equipment

How an Equipment Appraisal Will Facilitate Your Business Goals

How the Most Reliable Equipment Appraisal Firms Are Structured

Appraise your restaurant equipment to help attain your business goals

How to Determine Fair Market Value of Oilfield Equipment

Planning a Move? Consider a Tangible Personal Property Appraisal

Estate Taxes: A Detailed Asset Appraisal Will Protect Your Legacy

Need an Insurance Loss Settled? An Equipment Appraisal Can Help.

Material Handling Equipment Valuations - Why Many Companies Need Them

Determining Depreciation and Useful Life for Machinery & Equipment

Making an Equipment Donation? Use an Accredited Equipment Appraiser!

5 Ways an Equipment Appraisal Helps in Getting Financing

How Equipment Appraisals Can Support the Import/Export Industry

Why an Equipment Appraisal is Important in a Divorce Proceeding

What Do the Premises of Value Mean in the Resale Marketplace?

What Do the Premises of Value Mean in the Resale Marketplace?

The Importance of a Precious Metals Mining Equipment Appraisal

Why Appraise Restaurant FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment)?

Why Do You Need A Machinery & Equipment Appraisal?

Machinery & Equipment Appraisals: Blending The Best of Both Approaches

What Kind of Equipment is Covered in a Marine Vessel Appraisal?

What Happens During an Oil & Gas Pipeline Equipment Valuation?

What Kind of Equipment is Evaluated During a Graphic Arts Printing Equipment Appraisal?

What's Covered During a Family Entertainment Center Asset Valuation?

How Does an Expert Witness Appraisal Report Help Settle Your Business Dispute?

How is an Aggregate Equipment Appraisal Handled?

How Does Metal Fabricating Asset Valuation Work?

What Kind of Machinery is Covered in a Farm Equipment Appraisal?

How is residual value for equipment leasing estimated?

What Equipment is Covered in an Alternative Energy Asset Valuation?

What's Involved in Valuing Medical Lab Diagnostic Testing Equipment?

How Rig Site Safety Asset Appraisal Protects Your Business's Bottom Line

What Type of Commercial Trailer Fleet Appraisal is Available?

What Equipment is Evaluated in a Recycling Facility Asset Appraisal?

What Kind of Equipment is Checked Out in a Mining Equipment Appraisal?

What Kind of Personal Property is Covered in a Corporate Office FF&E Appraisal?

What Happens in a Private Medical Facility Equipment Appraisal?

How is a Golf Course Country Club Asset Appraisal Carried Out?

5 Reasons Why You Need a Plant Process Asset Appraisal

What Are Some Common Points in All Kinds of Crane Valuation?

Exactly What's Involved in an Earth Moving Equipment Appraisal?

How to Use Merger & Acquisition Fixed Asset Appraisal for Equipment in Your Business

Versatile Options: How Shipping Container Valuation Helps You Get What It's Worth

What's Covered in a Restaurant Personal Property & Equipment Appraisal?

How Does an Insurance Claims Appraisal Help Advance Your Claim?

Roll On! Using Fleet Transportation Vehicle Appraisal to Optimize Operations

Growing with the Building Boom: Construction Contracting Asset Appraisal

Exactly what happens during an aircraft appraisal?

What exactly is involved in Marine Vessel Valuation?

How a Property Tax Appeals Appraisal Helps You Win!

5 Ways That Valuing Spare Parts Inventory Benefits Your Bottom Line

Using IT Equipment Appraisal to Benefit Your Company's Bottom Line

What Happens When Oil & Gas Industry Equipment is Appraised?

Estate Settlement Equipment Appraisal: What the Process Involves

How Complex Is Production Line Equipment Appraisal for Manufacturing?

How A Medical Equipment Appraisal Can Help Your Practice Get Ahead

5 Reasons to Get an Equipment Appraisal for Tax Purposes

How Does a Machinery Appraisal Factor into a Business Dispute?

Equitable division of assets and divorce appraisal of equipment

Accurate Equipment Appraisals Help Move Material Handling Equipment

Concerned About Accuracy? Consider Appraisal Review Work!

What Happens When You Use an Appraiser as Expert Witness?

Why Does Your Business Need an Industrial Equipment Appraiser?

How is a heavy equipment appraiser different than a regular appraiser?

3 reasons why you should have a farm equipment appraiser check your equipment before selling

How a Medical Equipment Appraiser Can Help With a Hospital Merger

How to Prepare for a Construction Equipment Appraiser Site Visit

What does a machinery appraiser actually do on the job?

What's Involved in the Appraisal of Construction Equipment?

How can an equipment valuation help you take advantage of economic growth?

Using Construction Machinery Valuation to Grow Your Company

What You Need to Know About Fair Market Value in Machinery Appraisal

What's involved in the process of becoming a certified equipment appraiser?

What exactly is machinery valuation and how does it benefit your business?

What's involved and how do you win in oil & gas equipment property tax appeals?

How do you accurately determine used equipment values?

How to use an equipment appraisal for asset allocation

How Industrial Equipment Appraisals Protect Your Business From Natural Disasters

When to Consider Valuing Equipment for Divorce Purposes

Keep on top of changes in the market by appraising oilfield equipment

When to Consider Appraising a Machine Shop

Why is it important to consider appraising woodworking equipment?

Going to seed: How appraising farm equipment improves your farm finances

What is looked at when appraising metalworking equipment?

Stat: Why appraising medical equipment is vital to the health of your practice

Roll On: What's Involved in Appraising Truck Tractors and Trailers

How appraising industrial equipment helps improve your company's bottom line

What's involved when appraising restaurant equipment?

What happens when appraising construction equipment?

What are USPAP appraisal standards and how can they impact your valuation?

What benefits can you get from a commercial property valuation?

Why do you need an asset valuation for your machinery?

What is the American Society of Appraisers and how will it impact your appraisal?

Why should you get a commercial appraisal on your equipment?

How does a donation appraisal work and how can it benefit your finances?

What should you look for in a high-quality equipment appraisal firm?

What Do You Need to Know for a Personal Property Tax Appeal?

Fight a bad tax appraisal with a certified equipment valuation

How can a bank appraisal help you get more out of your equipment?

How equipment appraisal helps you deal with economic obsolescence

How does a machine appraiser determine remaining useful life?

Used up and worn out: Dealing with functional obsolescence in equipment

Dealing with a Business Loss: Retrospective Appraisals

What is effective age and why does it matter for your business?

Online Equipment Appraisal: The Benefits of the Process

Discover your equipment's real value beyond physical depreciation

How do Standards of Value Impact Your Equipment's Appraisal?

How is depreciation of equipment figured and how does it impact value?

Why should I work with an ASA accredited machinery & equipment appraiser?

Exactly how do you determine normal useful life in your equipment?

What exactly is a USPAP compliant appraisal?

How is actual cash value determined by a certified equipment appraiser?

How is replacement cost new different than other appraisals?

What do you need to know to protect your interests in a dissolution?

Facing Bankruptcy: How Equipment Appraisals Help Verify Asset Value

Talk Shop: How a Woodworking Equipment Appraisal Helps You Get Ahead

How Equipment Appraisal Helps Document Bank Financing Collateral

Why equipment appraisals are helpful when going through property tax appeals