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On-Site Field Appraisal Report with a Visual Inspection of Machinery & Equipment

An on-site field appraisal includes a personal inspection of the assets by one of our professional appraisers at the early stages of the project. This allows us to directly gather the data necessary to appraise the equipment including photos and specifications.

machinery equipment appraisers report types

This type of appraisal is very effective and efficient, shifts the burden of data collection away from the business owner or key employee(s), and allows our appraisers to gain a deeper perspective of the day-to-day operation of the business including its equipment usage and maintenance/upkeep.

Desktop Appraisal Report Without a Visual Inspection of the Machinery & Equipment

A desktop appraisal is an estimated determination of value based solely upon information provided by the client and is conducted without the benefit of a physical inspection. Desktop appraisals are common due to time, travel, and cost considerations.

The business owner or key employee(s) will be required to submit a more detailed asset listing along with photographs of the machinery or equipment so we can properly value the assets. This type of report is just as reliable as an on-site field appraisal as long as the data received from the client is thorough and up-to-date.

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