Types of Equipment Appraisal Reports We Offer

An appraisal report is typically utilized for estimating the value of machinery and equipment for lenders, CPAs, attorneys, or business owners. On-site inspection details are included in the appraisal report. This USPAP compliant report expresses value as a single number for each tangible asset valued and the aggregate is reported as a single value encompassing all of the equipment.


A desktop appraisal report is typically used to determine value without the expense of an on-site inspection and detailed analysis of the condition of the machinery or equipment. Pictures and a brief description of the machinery or equipment are sent to us by you and we provide a value based on this information.


The following is a partial list of the types of equipment appraised by Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisers:

  • Agriculture & Farm Equipment
  • Metalworking Equipment
  • Chemical Processing Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Construction & Heavy Equipment
  • Computer & IT Equipment
  • Laboratory & Testing Equipment
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Oilfield Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Plastics & Rubber Equipment
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Printing Equipment
  • Woodworking Equipment
  • Food Production Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • and others…