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5 Ways an Equipment Appraisal Helps in Getting Financing

Posted by Equipment Appraisal Services on Mon, Nov 30, 2020 @ 08:30 AM

Equipment Appraisal to Secure Financing


Whether you are acquiring a new business, expanding your capital asset requirements or restructuring debt, searching for available financing is a critical part of the process. In any of  these cases, if your operation includes machinery & equipment, obtaining a current asset valuation will be an important step. An equipment appraisal will help document your business' assets, adjust the depreciated values on your balance sheet to realistic market data and assist potential lenders in getting your credit approved.

Here are some other benefits of having a current machinery valuation completed for financial service providers and equity investors:

An equipment appraisal provides verification of your company s existing assets. If you have equipment with existing loans & liens associated with them, the lender/investor can use the information provided in the appraisal to determine how much equity you may or may not have accrued. The appraisal also estimates the current market value of the machinery instead of relying on an internal pre-determined depreciation schedule that likely will not show an accurate picture of your business' financial health.

The appraisal supports the value of the machinery you are purchasing or refinancing. When you are considering used equipment, it can be difficult to find an objective source to assist in understanding the marketplace and how it reflects back on your business . An equipment appraiser is an unbiased third  party, with no stake in the larger transaction, and therefore, is relied upon as a credible service provider by all lending institutions.

An equipment valuation can provide this same information to related third parties such as insurance agents and property tax assessors so that you're receiving adequate coverage and not overpaying your share of taxes. This also assists the lending institutions who want to be confident they are covered in the event of any casualty loss.

Financial institutions also work with government lenders such as the Small Business Administration, who have their own set of requirements for approving loans. If you qualify for these beneficial programs, it is important to ensure you can meet these requirements for a small business loan, whether you are just starting out, expanding your company or to help with a temporary cash flow situation.

By keeping these circumstances in mind, having a machinery and equipment appraisal performed by a qualified machinery appraiser will make your financing collateral review process go much more smoothly. Make sure the equipment appraiser is a member of the American Society of Appraisers and is current with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), which requires certified updates every two years.

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How Equipment Appraisals Can Support the Import/Export Industry

Posted by Equipment Appraisal Services on Mon, Nov 16, 2020 @ 08:00 AM

Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Import Export

Dealing in the international trade business, you may have a need to carefully document the current value of used machinery & equipment, especially if the bill of sale is not available. How do you support this value to ensure your assets pass through customs. One option is to obtain an equipment appraisal to back up your transaction, however, it is important the appraiser has the accreditation and experience necessary to complete the valuation.

Here are some details on how an equipment appraisal from an accredited or certified equipment appraiser can help provide documentation that will make your customs experience go more smoothly:

To avoid potential delays and troubles with the import & export customs process involving machinery & equipment, considering an appraisal that supports the current value of your assets can go a long way to alleviating this. The appraisal report follows certain methodologies and procedures that are universally recognized, giving custom’s officials a higher comfort level, leading to less scrutiny and avoiding potential delays in clearing the machinery for transit.

The legal paperwork can be overwhelming during the Import and export process, and if not completed properly, can lead to all kinds of delays and additional expenses with customs. With an equipment valuation in hand, completed by an experienced accredited appraiser, supporting the current value, you can resolve many of these situations in a timely fashion.

An accredited or certified appraisal report is better able to stand up to scrutiny than as it is clearly independent and unbiased. Working with a less experienced appraiser could lead to a higher level of scrutiny as the report will not hold up to the accepted standards used in the valuation field. The accreditation and certification process includes instruction in standardized appraisal methodology, and the appraiser signs a certification letter as part of every valuation performed.

When your business deals with machinery in the international marketplace, consider the engagement of an experienced equipment appraiser to assist you in the documentation process. At, we would be happy to work with you in this endeavor.

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Why an Equipment Appraisal is Important in a Divorce Proceeding

Posted by Equipment Appraisal Services on Mon, Nov 02, 2020 @ 08:00 AM

Equipment Appraisal Divorce Proceeding


He said, She said: when it comes to a divorce, many of us know it can be very stressful. With all that is happening to determine your future, you probably are not considering the importance of an equipment appraisal. If there is a business associated with the split, however, you need to look at this option, as there may be significant value in the tangible assets of the jointly owned company. An independent valuation by an accredited or certified appraiser of the tangible assets for the business, whether it is a trucking company, construction contracting business, landscaping or any similar operation is vitally important. In addition, the report will be supportable in court and take away any biased information you may be receiving from the other side. Here is what else you need to know:

The appraiser will act as a neutral party, providing a fair value for your equipment. If your appraisal report is not prepared by an accredited or certified equipment appraiser, it will likely be contested or thrown out in court during proceedings. If you believe there is a likelihood that the litigation will evolve into court proceedings, you will also want the appraiser to have experience as an expert witness, testifying as to the credibility and accuracy of the valuation report.

The most common premise, or definition of value utilized for divorce proceedings is Fair Market Value, however you should check with your attorney to ensure this is appropriate in your case. There are liquidation values you may need to consider as well, that can be reviewed and discussed prior to the engagement. Both parties should agree to the appraisal, however, if this is not possible, the fact that you engaged an experienced appraiser on your own will carry a lot of weight in ultimately determining value.

Understanding all that is involved during a divorce, including the need for an accredited or certified equipment appraisal can ensure you are receiving the best settlement possible. You or your legal counsel can get in touch with one of our professionals at to discuss the details further and receive a free quote for our services.

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