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Using IT Equipment Appraisal to Benefit Your Company's Bottom Line

Posted by Equipment Appraisal Services on Mon, May 27, 2019 @ 08:00 AM

IT Asset Appraisal

Whether you're a smaller business that has some computer assets of questionable value or a large corporation focused strongly on digitization and technology, having an IT equipment appraisal performed can make a huge difference in your company's bottom line, often in ways you wouldn't have considered. With the fast pace of improvement and innovation in hardware and IT assets, you may consider that equipment to already be obsolete, but the answer may surprise you. Here's a quick look at how having your IT equipment appraised by a certified equipment appraiser can make a big difference to your company's financial situation.


Using IT Equipment Appraisal to Benefit Your Company's Bottom Line

  • Old equipment worthless? It may not be. Companies that test their software on legacy systems are often willing to pay top dollar for older machinery, giving you options for resale that you may not have considered. Plus, if it's able to keep up with future needs, it may not be time to replace it just because it's gained a few years of operational time, provided that it's in good condition.
  • Speaking of that, let's talk about the condition. There's a good chance that if you took good care of your equipment by keeping it in a dry, cool, clean environment, it may still provide many years of reliable service. Equipment that is poorly kept, such as being kept in damp, hot or dusty conditions, will not last nearly as long.
  • Because certified appraisers work with IT equipment on a daily basis, they know what to look for in terms of wear and tear and overall condition. This allows them to make an educated judgment about the estimated remaining useful lifespan of your IT assets, allowing you to make a smart decision about whether you should retain or replace your aging machinery.
  • Are you're considering buying another company's discards to up your IT game? Before you do, you may want to have the equipment you're considering appraised for all of the reasons mentioned above. This will help you avoid purchasing equipment that may not provide you with the benefits you're expecting for any period of time, helping you to make smart decisions in your investment process.
  • Thinking about selling your old IT equipment? Having an appraisal performed on that equipment allows you to not only know what to ask for it, it provides you with solid documentation of what the equipment is actually worth. This puts you in a solid position of power when negotiating, especially when dealing with prospective buyers who want to strike a hard deal at your expense.

As you can see by the above information, having an IT equipment appraisal performed on your company's computer assets can make a huge difference in your profitability, growth and ability to expand operations without a lot of risk. However, this only happens when you use a certified equipment appraiser. If you try to use your equipment vendor, they'll quite often tell you what they think you'll want to hear in a way that would benefit their company, by increasing their sales. A certified equipment appraiser is an independent third party who will provide you with an unbiased calculation of your equipment's overall value, allowing you to make a smart decision for your company's benefit.

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