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Machinery & Equipment Appraisals: Blending The Best of Both Approaches

Posted by Equipment Appraisal Services on Mon, Aug 10, 2020 @ 08:00 AM

machinery equipment appraisal blending approaches

Machinery & Equipment appraisers know from experience that the overwhelming majority of their valuations involves the Sales Comparison (Market) and/or Cost Approaches to value. The income approach is primarily utilized for business appraisals with a few exceptions which allow the tangible equipment to be valued as independently income driven assets.

The challenge becomes which of the two approaches makes the most sense given the scope of work, premise of value and overall perspective of the project involved. Based on our experience at Equipment Appraisal Services, we have found that regardless of the above variables, relying on components of both the Sales Comparison Approach (commonly referred to as the “Market Approach”) and the Cost Approach for each valuation project produce the most credible, realistic and supportable results.

Under the Sales Comparison Approach, researching and properly interpreting the available data in the marketplace for assets very similar to those being appraised is critical to the analysis. Understanding the nuances between asking prices, recent listings, opinions of resale value and the market level at which the machines are traded are all important to the appraisal process.

With the Cost Approach, deriving the data pertaining to replacement cost new, useful life and depreciation should come directly from the specific markets and industries in which the assets are working in. Gathering new pricing information for the make and model of the machinery, along with opinions from third parties who buy and sell these assets is far more reliable than broad multi-industry trends and straight line depreciation.

The experienced appraisers at Equipment Appraisal Services have been completing these types of fully researched valuations for decades and can meet the demands of any machinery & equipment appraisal assignment across all markets & industries. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you as a key component to your ongoing business projects.

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