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Estate Settlement Equipment Appraisal: What the Process Involves

Posted by Equipment Appraisal Services on Mon, Apr 29, 2019 @ 08:00 AM

estate settlement asset appraisal

Whether you've had a recent loss or are simply planning your retirement and estate, dealing with your machinery can be a serious issue. Fortunately, estate settlement equipment appraisal can provide you with a lot of the answers you need to get everything settled properly, allowing your family to more easily get through the process with fewer arguments and hurt feelings. Here's a look at how the process works, including a few different situations where different approaches may be used to calculate value.

How Does Estate Settlement Equipment Appraisal Happen?

Let's start by taking a look at a couple different situations. In the first, the family of the deceased is happy to wait for the right buyer to maximize their benefits. They want to get the best possible value for the equipment and have conveyed this to the appraiser, who uses fair market value to determine the value of the equipment assets of the estate. The machinery is listed on the market, but may not sell quickly. This can be an issue if the space it is located in needs to be sold or a lease ended.

In the second situation, the family simply wants to have the process finished as quickly as possible so that they can plan for the future. At this point, the appraiser uses a different approach to calculate the value of the machinery, because they assume that the equipment must be sold at a discount to make it sell faster. Referred to as liquidation value, this can either be used as a forced liquidation, which provides the minimum value, or ordered liquidation, which allows at least a short amount of time to find a better buyer.

But what if the family members don't agree on what should be done with the machinery? Perhaps one family member will be continuing the business. In this case, the fair market value that is calculated can be used as a basis to secure a bank loan to pay off the remaining family members, allowing them to quickly receive their funds while the family member who is continuing the business has an easier approval process, because the value of the machinery has already been verified through a standardized methodology.

In yet another situation, some of the family members want to wait for the best possible return while others want to have the process completed quickly. In this situation, having individual machines appraised means that the estate can be split, with those who want the best possible return holding onto their equipment and those who want to quickly turn the estate around selling at liquidation rates. If you think you may face this situation, it may make sense to split the estate in advance of need and have the groups appraised accordingly to expedite the process.

By incorporating estate settlement equipment appraisal into your overall estate planning or settlement process, you can rest at ease knowing that the value of your machinery is being calculated by a professional appraiser who understands your industry and the issues that are involved with estate settlement. However, it's vital that you work with a certified equipment appraiser, as this ensures that the methodologies used will bear up in legal and financial circles, such as probate court or a family member who needs to get a loan to finance buying out other parties in the business.

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How Complex Is Production Line Equipment Appraisal for Manufacturing?

Posted by Equipment Appraisal Services on Mon, Apr 15, 2019 @ 08:00 AM

production line appraisal

If you have a factory, you already know how much of your company's assets are tied up in your production line. But what are those assets really worth? The process of having a production line equipment appraisal can seem complex and confusing, but it's actually a straightforward set of calculations that follow a regular process. However, it's a process best done by a certified equipment appraiser. Why? There are a number of special aspects of the process that needs to be handled by a professional to ensure that they're done correctly. Here's a quick look at the overall process and some of the complexities involved.

How Complex Is Production Line Equipment Appraisal for Manufacturing?

  • To start, the appraiser will gather basic information about all the different equipment that is being used on it, such as the year it was put into use, the manufacturer and model, any options, kits or modifications from the basic model and the number of hours and conditions it has been used it. This allows them to gather any additional information that they need to know to appraise the equipment, including information on past equipment that they've already appraised.
  • They'll then ask about current issues, maintenance and repair that has been done on each piece of equipment. This provides them with some background on how well the equipment has been cared for and what condition it may be in. This is part of the process of determining the remaining useful lifespan for the machinery, which is a vital part of determining its value. As an example, you would almost certainly pay more for a piece of machinery that is expected to remain in productive use for ten years versus one that was expected to fail within a couple years.
  • Next, they'll examine the equipment itself. This allows them to see if there are any potential issues that have not been caught yet. This can include issues such as small hydraulic leaks, pulleys that are going out of alignment, gears that are beginning to wear or slip, lowering performance levels or similar indicators that can lead to expensive repairs or potential issues down the road, giving you the opportunity to make vital repairs.
  • Additionally, the appraiser will take into consideration unique challenges that face your industry, whether they're specific to your industry or to the market as a whole. This can include issues such as a market downturn that has caused a large surplus of that type of equipment on the market, driving down prices or whether there's strong growth in another region that can be leveraged to sell older equipment at the best possible premium.

When you're having a production line equipment appraisal performed, there are any number of factors that can come into effect during the process that will need to be considered. However, the appraisal report that you receive from a certified equipment appraiser will provide you with much more information beyond the value of your production line. Because an equipment appraiser works with a wide range of machinery on a daily basis, they'll be able to compare your equipment to other machinery they've looked at and give you valuable insights, such as prospective failure points, longevity and other information that will help you make smart decisions about your production line management.

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How A Medical Equipment Appraisal Can Help Your Practice Get Ahead

Posted by Equipment Appraisal Services on Mon, Apr 01, 2019 @ 08:00 AM

Medical M&E Appraisal

Today's healthcare practice is facing any number of challenges on a daily basis. No-shows for appointments, changes to EHR and HIPPA practices, new treatments and medications, and an endless sea of patients who need to be seen as quickly as possible. Having the right tools can make a huge difference in how efficiently your practice operates, but many physicians and practice managers aren't quite sure how to make those changes effectively. Fortunately, something as simple as a medical equipment appraisal can make a huge difference in your practice's bottom line. Here's how.

How Medical Equipment Appraisal Can Help Your Practice Get Ahead

To start, what does your practice need to have to improve efficiency and patient outcomes? Is it new equipment that works well with your EHR system and digitization strategy? Maybe it's a new EHR suite that takes your interoperability to a whole new level. A new location to spread your practice's influence and make it easier for patients to reach you? What about social responsibility obligations to organizations such as Doctors Without Borders?

 To make these changes happen, you need to invest capital. But how much capital do you actually have? Are your assets listed accurately in the books, or are there discrepancies that could cause your practice serious issues down the road? This is one of the reasons why having an appraisal performed on your medical equipment can be so very beneficial to your practice. If you don't know the value of your equipment, will you get a good deal on new equipment or be taken advantage of? Can you secure loans for that new EHR suite or location without knowing those values? What will the value of your equipment donation to charitable organizations actually end up being and how will it impact your bottom line?

When you have a professional appraisal performed by a certified equipment appraiser, you're gaining much more than the knowledge of the value of your medical equipment. You're receiving the calculated opinion of a professional who is well-versed in medical equipment and understands the many nuances of your industry. They're able to then provide you with a carefully crafted report that will not only document your equipment's value, but can serve as a valuable tool in its own right.

Because a certified equipment appraiser has been taught to use standardized methodologies that have been well-tested in a wide range of real-world circumstances, the report that they prepare is able to stand up to strong scrutiny in financial, insurance, legal and tax agency circles. Having this verified information available quickly will make it much easier for you to document equipment value for a loan, an insurance claim, a court case, a tax appeal, a sale negotiation and many other circumstances you may not have considered yet.

By taking the time to have a medical equipment appraisal performed on your practice's machinery, you can take advantage of the equity in that equipment to improve your practice, whether through selling the machinery to upgrade your practice's capabilities, securing a loan for EHR upgrades or adding accuracy to your balance sheet to provide peace of mind and better accountability. However, these advantages can only be realized when you use a certified equipment appraiser to go over your practice's assets. They have the knowledge and experience to ensure that the final values you are presented with are accurate and the report generated useable for your future needs.

using market data under the cost approach

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