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Roll On! Using Fleet Transportation Vehicle Appraisal to Optimize Operations

Posted by Equipment Appraisal Services on Mon, Aug 19, 2019 @ 08:00 AM

Fleet Transportation Appraisal

Is your company on the move? It's not unusual for businesses today to have a fleet of vehicles available for getting technicians to and from customer locations, making deliveries and improving brand recognition to the general public. But did you know that you can use that very functional part of your business to optimize your company's overall operations? Here's a quick look at how using a fleet transportation vehicle appraisal can help you grow your business.


Roll On! Using Fleet Transportation Vehicle Appraisal to Optimize Operations

Businesses have vehicle fleets to meet a number of different needs. They're used to create a unified brand image for their service vehicles while ensuring that everything their technicians need to get the job done is installed and ready to go. They're used to build brand image when luxury vehicles are driven by upper management or used to pick up other business executives at the airport prior to a big meeting. They're used to build brand recognition by the general public when they're driven down the road during everyday operations. They provide verification of intent when your delivery truck pulls up to a home or job site, setting people's mind at ease.

But over time, these vehicles wear and age. This can make it difficult to determine what their value should be on the accounting books. It's easy to simply depreciate vehicle value for tax purposes on the accounting books, but what about when you're still getting value out of that car, truck or van years after it's been fully depreciated? How do you use that value to your company's position in the market and capacity for growth?

When you're trying to secure financing to expand your operation, valuing all of your assets is important to presenting a realistic picture of your company's finances, not just the value of the assets that still have value in tax depreciation tables. Your business' vehicle fleet can be a good source of unrecorded value for your business, as it may have vehicles that have been completely depreciated but do not yet require replacement.

Knowing the value of these hidden assets allows you to leverage them to the best of your ability, whether applying for a loan or trading in a vehicle for a newer model. Unfortunately, if you choose to have the dealership you're working with determine the value, they may underestimate or overestimate the value, depending on their purposes and which option they feel will best benefit them and help close the deal. A van that could be used for years can be declared as only being fit for the junkyard, or a sedan that's truly worn out may be given a higher value to help make a sale.

By having a fleet transportation vehicle appraisal performed, you can use that information to decide when it's time to replace aging assets and when you should hang on to those assets a little longer before investing in new vehicles. However, trying to make this decision without having the level of information available in an appraisal report from an accredited equipment appraiser can make that decision difficult at best. Make sure that you're working with a properly accredited appraisal specialist to ensure that you're getting an independent opinion on the value of your fleet vehicles.

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