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Weather market changes with an industrial equipment appraisal

Posted by Equipment Appraisal Services on Tue, Jul 11, 2017 @ 10:41 AM

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If you spend any time looking at the news, you're probably noticing the same thing we are - the more the news says, the more uncertain the market looks. How do you make smart business decisions when the market seems to be in a constant state of flux? Surprisingly, an industrial equipment appraisal may help. But how does knowing the value of your industrial equipment help your business get through these changes in the market? We thought you'd never ask:

Weather market changes with an industrial equipment appraisal

  • A poor economy tends to cause a related rise in crime. Having an equipment appraisal helps ensure that you can recover the full value of your equipment from your insurance company when you have a theft at your business.
  • A poor economy also increases the number of people who are homeless. We've all heard horror stories about a squatter's fire getting out of control and burning down any number of buildings in the area. A machinery valuation can prove the value of your equipment even if it isn't performed until after a loss.
  • Of course, a good economy means governments want to raise taxes. Have you ever received a property tax assessment that was so high as to be completely ridiculous? A machinery appraisal proves the value of the machinery using standardized methodologies that have stood the test of time.
  • Tax increases also provide the opportunity for tax deductions when you donate your industrial machinery to a worthy cause. But how do you know how much the donation is worth? Having an appraisal performed provides rock solid documentation of the value of the equipment you've donated.
  • Are you considering expanding your business? When the economy was doing poorly when the housing bubble burst, new regulations came into effect to tighten access to business loans. Having your equipment valued provides you with documentation so you can use your equipment - and only the right amount of equipment - as collateral to secure a loan for expansion.
  • When the economy is recovering, it's very tempting to upgrade your industrial machinery so you can increase production, improve quality and similar concerns. When you have a machinery appraisal, you know exactly what you can get for your old equipment to help finance the purchase of the upgraded machinery.
  • If you're ready to expand your business but have sticker shock over the cost of new equipment, have you looked at used machinery? Having an equipment appraisal on a used piece of machinery ensures you'll know what kind of conditions the equipment is in and won't have any nasty surprises.

Whatever happens with the market and economy, having an industrial equipment appraisal can help you keep your business running smoothly. But where should that appraisal come from? Though you could get a quote from a local dealer, their focus is selling you equipment, which will color their appraisal. They may say your equipment isn't worth much or that it's worth far more than you think it should because they want it as a trade-in. You could look in the local paper, but unless there's another business in the area selling the same equipment you are, it's not going to be an accurate assessment either. Using a certified equipment appraiser ensures that you'll receive an appraisal report that will stand up to scrutiny in legal, financial and insurance circles.

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