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How to Incorporate Equipment Appraisal in Asset Risk Management

Posted by Equipment Appraisal Services on Tue, Aug 08, 2017 @ 09:21 PM


When you're trying to develop a solid asset risk management approach for your company, it can seem as though you're facing more numbers and possibilities than ever. But have you considered incorporating your equipment appraisals into your process? Machinery valuation provides you with a range of information on your assets to help you decide how to best protect them. Here's how:

How to Incorporate Equipment Appraisal in Asset Risk Management

Risk management, by definition, is restricting the amount of risk you're subjecting yourself to, either personally or professionally. Asset risk management is an extension of that. Though it's a somewhat involved process, it helps mitigate risk to your business' assets, including your equipment. 

To determine how much money you're risking with specific operations, it's important to start by knowing how much your equipment is worth. Another area of knowledge you should keep in mind is the equipment's expected useful remaining lifespan. As an example, let's look at the value of a few different machines:

  • A new bulldozer that is financed and is costing the company a significant portion of their monthly income.
  • An older extruding machine that has been fully depreciated, but is expected to continue working for many more years to come.
  • An old metal lathe that still has some value but is nearing the end of its life cycle.

In these examples, you'd want to take very few risks with the bulldozer and moderate risks with the other two. Why would you worry about risks to a fully depreciated or worn out machine? Because the value they may still possess. It's much easier to guess at the value of the bulldozer, but the extruding machine may have value in its production role. The metal lathe may still have value if it's sold to pay off part of a piece of replacement machinery.

But with the two older machines, how do you determine value? This is one of the areas where equipment appraisal can be an extremely valuable tool to determining the equipment's exposure to risk and your overall asset portfolio. We've all seen equipment that has been fully depreciated using a standardized tax table, but continues to contribute to your business' profitability, whether it's an older spray foam truck, ancient table saw that just keeps going or an aging computer system that runs your ready mix plant.

When an equipment appraisal is performed by a certified appraiser, they use a range of methodologies that have been proven in legal, insurance, tax and financial industries. Because they deal with equipment on a daily basis, they're able to look at exactly what the equipment is, how widely it's used in other industries, the expected usable life span remaining and market conditions to calculate the exact equipment value. Though it may be more or less than what you see machinery sell for, the appraisal numbers will hold up because of the standardized calculations used by professional appraisers.

When you take the time to incorporate your equipment appraisal report into your asset risk management process, you'll quickly see results that help improve your company's overhead and profitability. Make sure the equipment appraiser you're working with is certified, to ensure you're getting a quality report that gives you a fair value for your assets, then use that information to build a better approach to risk management in your company.

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