Divorce and Dissolution Litigation - Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Let’s face the facts.  Not all marriages end in happiness.  It especially becomes difficult to divide assets during a divorce.  Cash, securities, and even homes are somewhat easy to identify values.  For divorcing couples that own a business, getting an accurate value of the assets is not as easy.  Machinery and equipment values can range in value and without an expert researching and analyzing the value; one party may receive an upper hand.

Like all of our equipment appraisal assignments, our equipment appraiser will gather information about each piece of equipment including the manufacturer, model, serial number, year of manufacturer, accessories and options, and condition.  Depending on the situation, installation costs may also need to be considered.

For a divorce, it is possible that the outcome could result in potentially different situations.  For example, the business may continue its existence after the divorce settlement.  In other situations, it may require that the company’s assets be liquidated.  We have completed divorce appraisals working with businesses owners as well as their spouses to analyze machinery and equipment values at various levels of value such as Fair Market Value, Orderly Liquidation Value, and Forced Liquidation Value, amongst others.

We provide machinery and equipment appraisal services for divorce situations where we can work directly with the business owner and their counsel, the spouse and their counsel, or mutually for both parties if there is agreement between the two parties to use a single equipment appraiser.  If the equipment appraiser is also needed to potentially testify at the divorce hearing, we can provide this service as well. 

If you are in need of a divorce litigation appraisal report or expert witness services, please contact us to receive our litigation services brochure along with the curriculum vitae of our equipment appraisal expert.