Certified Equipment Appraisal

A certified equipment appraisal report conducted by a qualified appraiser contains a concluded value as determined by an accredited appraiser. 

All USPAP-conforming appraisal reports require a document signed by the appraiser, whose signature certifies as to the accuracy of information, objectivity of the appraiser, compliance with uniform standards, inspection of property, and acknowledgement of those contributing to the preparation of the appraisal. In addition, by hiring a certified appraiser, you will be assuring that you will be receiving the best valuation expertise available. A qualified appraiser holds extensive knowledge of the market and profession, experience, and a highly regarded reputation.

In order to be accredited through the American Society of Appraisers, a qualified appraiser must pass an intense written examination, submit an appraisal report according to USPAP standards for peer review, take four machinery and equipment appraisal courses with tests, pass the USPAP training, and undergo screening for his/her ethical behavior. Therefore, a certified and qualified appraiser will have already been fully vetted by the standard setting bodies of the profession, verifying to potential clients of that appraiser to their competence, experience, ethics, and professionalism.

Please contact Equipment Appraisal Services today to learn more about how a certified equipment appraisal report assembled by a qualified appraiser can help your firm with a number of needs. Uses for a certified equipment appraisal report include the allocation of assets, liquidation, property and estate tax planning, bankruptcy, divorce, in addition to other reasons. All equipment appraisal reports conducted by Equipment Appraisal Services are assembled by a certified and qualified appraiser according to USPAP standards and accredited by the American Society of Appraisers.

Furthermore, a non-certified report can lead to costly expenses, and would hold limited use compared to its certified counterpart.