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Heavy equipment and machinery appraisals

Providing accurate, supportable machinery and equipment values for all types of heavy equipment nationwide.

Every agribusiness is unique to its particular market, competitive environment, skills of its management, economic influences, and fiscal history. There are a number of situations that arise over the course of every company’s lifecycle which necessitates business owners have an accurate understanding of its machinery & equipment-related assets.

Heavy Equipment Machinery and Equipment AppraisersEquipment Appraisal Services (EAS) provides accredited/certified appraisals for all types of heavy equipment for any project and purpose. We are experienced in all aspects of machinery & equipment valuation for heavy equipment including litigation, bankruptcy, mergers & acquisitions, financing, leasing, buy/sell, tax, accounting, insurance, allocation of value, divorce, donation, and everything in between.

Each project we engage with is thoroughly researched and includes a detailed report summarizing our methodologies and sources while carefully itemizing the assets being valued. Our reports are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Should you need an expert witness to stand behind a machinery & equipment appraisal for heavy equipment, our fully credentialed appraisers are well-versed in how to collaborate effectively with attorneys preparing their cases and testifying at deposition and trial. EAS professionals have had the opportunity to participate as part of a team on several high-profile cases.

Whatever your machinery & equipment needs may be, we can provide you and your agribusiness with accurate, efficient, and effective appraisal services!

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